Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Good start to the year!

What did you think to Stonleigh? Can't complain about the trading bit, we were very busy all day, to the point that I never got the chance to get away from our stand once! It's a bit of a disappointment as I would have loved to have had walk around and see whats new, but that's 2 years running Iv'e not managed it, good job I have a strong bladder! Sorry to hear about Chic Doig having his days takings stolen, what a shock. All the effort involved in coming all that way only to have their till stolen, I hope the toe rags responsible get caught.

I have had an interesting week, I have finally got to see in the flesh two of my dream cars. The new owner of XJB 304H (World Cup PI)had invited me down for a look, he's a lucky guy as he also owns Brian Cultcheths Safari PI, a car he bought directly from Abingdon many years ago. What a car 304 is, still fitted out with its aluminum panelwork, and 'works' mechanicals.

The other car I got to see in the flesh this week was WRX 902H, the World Cup test car PI, and latterly the Scottish rally winning car. We collected it from the shot blasters in Coventry and trailored it back to the Canley workshops for some major bodywork. Hmm 'works' PI's in abundance, nirvana, take me now, I've died and gone to heaven!

Oh, just a quick reminder, don't forget that we are now offering a free entry into our 'Cars for Sale' part of our website for existing customers. A brief description and 2 or 3 decent electronic piccys sent to us via e-mail and your car is included. we have had an amazing success rate so far, with most customers cars selling within a matter of days. We are now also extending this service (again to existing Canley customers) to a free parts for sale area (ie its going to cost you nothing, not that the parts have to be free!) on the website, as long as your parts aren't direct competition for our own then you are welcome to include them. Please include your customer account number or postcode in your mail so that we can check your account history, that's all it takes, free, buckshee, no cash required, what will we think of next!

Picture - WRX back from the blasters!


  1. That's what you call stripped bare!

  2. Looked a lot more fully dressed when I say it 19 years ago at Eppynt... However those front wings never looked right ... I can see ones been discarded

  3. Yes, I too remember seeing this vehicle some 36yrs ago. Now I'm making a replica model of it. If anyone has photos of this vehicle please contact me at my email
    Regards Alan