Thursday, January 8, 2004

Macau Spitfire Update !

Exciting news regarding the Macau Spitfire, we have located several of the car's original 1965 engine components in California! Thanks to Mr Kas Kastner (he removed the bits whilst the car was his in 1966-7) who first tipped us off that the parts had turned up for sale still residing in California all these years later. These parts, including the original 70X alloy 8 port cylinder head, are now safely back home in Coventry. This stuff is well travelled if you think about it, Coventry, Hong Kong, Coventry, USA, Coventry! Since acquiring these and other original parts we have taken the decision to return the Macau to 1965 specification, but don't worry all you USA enthusiasts, we are well aware of the Macau's Kastner/American racing heritage. To that end we are formulating a plan to use the Kastner parts removed to maybe build a tribute to that part of the Macau's early history, after all it has remained as such for the past 37 years!

To this end if you haven't seen the Macau in the flesh, so to speak, on one of it's outings to shows/events over the last 2½ years, then it may be some time before you see it again away from the Canley premises. We hope to keep you updated on a regular basis on progress.

Macau Head

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