Saturday, February 19, 2005

Trouble at Mill

Sad to hear about John Muggleton resigning from his management position at the TSSC. Nice guy, always approachable, keen, knowlegable, and most importantly a genuine Triumph driving enthusiast. Rare thing that nowadays, a Triumph owner that actually drives them, but rarer still amongst the larger classics car club higher up's. John led a deal of credibility to the 'enthustiast' element of classic car club management. His replacement, if any, will have to be carefully thought about if the TSSC is not to be seen to be slipping more towards the 'business' of classic car clubing. Good luck John in whatever it is you decide to do in the future, keep driving those Triumph's mate.

Couldn't think of anything else to photo, so I just took a quick shot of the car park on a Saturday afternoon, more Triumphs than a winters local TSSC meeting, and we shut shop 4 hours ago!

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