Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It still keeps coming out of the woodwork

Many thanks to Onne Van Der Spoel for donating some more original Triumph engineering drawings to the Canley Triumph Archive. Covering such diverse parts as the rear hub on a Herald, to the copper spherical shim in the 2000 differential. The total drawing collection is now into the hundreds, all saved by concerned individuals who thought they deserved a better fait than would normally have befallen the like. Onne for instance had offered his drawings to other collecting institutions with mixed results, one even told him that they would accept them only if he delivered them (personally) at his own expense, and that he must hand over some Morris drawings (that he wanted to keep for the time being) because they weren't 'rightfully' his to own!
How long before this steady stream of 'finds' drys up, it never fails to amaze us how much important stuff is still coming out of the woodwork 30, 40, and 50 years after the event.

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