Friday, August 3, 2007

Triumph Museum closed

It is with much regret that I have to give notice that as of Wednesday this week the Triumph Museum here at Canley Classics has closed for public viewing.
Several factors have led to this decision, the most pressing one happened on Wednesday. Unbeknown to myself the wife took it on herself to buy at auction the contents of an office block locally from an International exhibition company that had recently gone into liquidation. Five transit vans full of equipment was disgorged into every nook and cranny of available space in the museum until we decide what we are going to do with it. This brings to mind the famous Monty Python sketch, 'Why did you buy a piston engine?' , 'Oh because it was a bargain!'
Another reason (excuse!) is that due to having a bumper year sales wise, and coincidently running at the lowest staffing level ever, time is very much at a premium. It's difficult enough finding time in the slower winter months to dust, polish, and generally clean the exhibits, but recently forget it, better just to throw a dust sheet over them.
Finally the take up from interested individuals, and groups who actually took the time to visit was tiny, at the Museums busiest we only ever saw maybe a couple of people a month. It's difficult to justify all the work required here to maintain the exhibits to a decent viewing standard when you might not see a punter from one month to the next.
Don't worry though the Museum will still be viewable on line at and we have no intentions of reducing the collection, quite the reverse in fact! I shall do my best (as time allows) to add more of the collection to the website, as what you see presently is a tiny proportion of the total collection.
Again many appologies for this decision, and thanks to the few of you who actually visited us over the years.

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  1. Sorry to hear the museum is closed. Five of us visited on one day from Canada a couple of years ago and enjoyed the cars on display. We also purchased several items and have since made internet purchases from your company. Hopefully it will re-open in the not too distant future.