Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Product

Strange time of year to be launching new product I know but here go's. We have copied the massively heavy cast iron GT6 specific alternator mounting bracket. On my scales the cast iron original is 1045 grammes, and our alloy copy is 398 grammes, a useful saving! Steve Phillips produced a short run of something similar many years ago, but he sold his last one a few years back. Not bad value at £34.95 inc VAT considering some fairly hefty pattern prices that we have to cover (it's cast and machined this time, not CNC'd from solid, that's getting expensive as aluminium get's pricey). To be honest we are not predicting huge potential sales for this one, but it had to be done. Oh well it's a good job I love my Triumph's, they ain't never going to make me a millionaire! Nearly forgot the all important part number, it's 214268A.

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