Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RBRR Preperation Part VIII

Painted the bulkhead just before I went home Monday night;

Having started to build up the front suspension earlier that day;

Yesterday I stripped and checked a diff (turned out to be a minter with a lovely gearset) adding new seals in the process. The only small problem was corrosion on the seal diameter of the front flange, and quarter shafts, easily rectified on the lathe with some fine emery.

Having virtually finished the rear suspension and brakes I bolted the bulkhead to the chassis, This stage always gives me a bit of a boost as (in my mind) its already started to look like a car;

Just before I ran out of energy (started at 5.30 am, still going at 10 pm) I managed to get all the sound deadening pads glued back in;

Apologies for the hazy pictures. I must have left my phone lens up when I was painting earlier and as a result I had a fine layer of white overspray on it.

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