Friday, July 30, 2004

New car for the Triumph museum!

Sorry about the picture quality, but I thought I would capture the scene last night at 9.30 when the oldest Herald saloon returned to Coventry. We have been away for a couple of days driving the Chicane with car trailor down to the South coast and then back up to Frome in Somerset to collect our recent purchase courtesy of e bay. As far as we know this is the oldest Herald saloon in existance being chassis number G11, engine number G8E, and well worthy of saving for the museum. The Chicane again performed as expected with no drama's, this car never ceases to impress, it clocks up big, big miles, uses no petrol, never goes rusty, and all on a diet of neglect, cheap unleaded, and never being garaged since we have had it! Currently the mileage is at about 225,000 miles (it has kph clock so I did a quick conversion), the engine has never been apart, and it has had only 2 oil changes in the last 125,000 miles (Halfords fully synthetic). There are no signs of valve seat recession, and it starts without a rattle, but if you really cane it hard you can just get a whif of smoke out the exhaust, indicating a little wear in the valve guides. I just had a thought, that 948 Herald probably went faster on the trailor last night a couple of times than it ever managed to do under its own power, oops!

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