Saturday, July 31, 2004

Special visitors

Every now and again we are privileged to receive a 'special guest' from Triumphs illustrious past. Of course it helps being on the outskirts of Coventry where a good proportion of Triumph ex workers still live. Yesterday was no exception, on his second visit to us was former Triumph experimental worker David Lloyd. David was involved in some of Triumphs most exciting projects including being the actual guy who made the bucks (tooling) and the actual glassfibre deck and hump for the Macau Spitfire residing in our museum. You may know that we have decided to return the Macau to its 1965 spec which includes reshaping the hump that was put on the car in the 1980's (Kas Kastner removed the original hump in 1967). David has kindly agreed to don his overalls and help with this work, how about that! Forty years will separate David's efforts by the time this work is completed, but worth the wait!

David has also loaned the museum some of his extensive photo archive of his days at Triumph, a keen photographer and friends with Triumphs own chief photographer, his collection is interesting to say the least!

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