Monday, November 8, 2004

Another Spitfire?

After the excitement of ADU 4B it has been very difficult to motivate myself to get enthusiastic about anything else, hence no Blog for a week. That was until a chance conversation with a freind about an important Spitfire that might be available locally, here we go again! It's all a bit vague this time but from the little information I have its definitely worth pursuing. What else is happening here? Well the car park works are dragging on, not helped by the miserable October weather. We are about three quarters done now, but that last bit seems to be taking the longest. Even when complete, we will be unable to drive on it for over a week. We really would have liked to have had another one of our open days, but with the way things are and the uncertainty about the car park its just to difficult to contemplate at the moment. Something to look forward to for the near future though!

1 comment:

  1. How about an important Bond Equipe, ex-works second prototype 2 litre Mk.1, and also later fitted with the first Mk.2 engine supplied to Bond (HC50002HE)?? Very much a part of the Standard Triumph story!

    I've written two-e-mails to you before but not received an acknowledgement......

    Chris Gardner