Thursday, October 28, 2004

OK, so I've calmed down a little now!

As you may have guessed from my previous post we have acquired one of the most famous Spitfires ever built, 1965 Le Mans class winner ADU 4B! It's now been back home in Coventry for a couple of day's (but not at Canley's site yet) but I'm still as excited as a dog with two do-da's! Thanks to the excellent custodionship of it's previous keeper Vernon Brannon, and those that preceded him, 4B is in remarkably original condition, much, much, better than I could have ever hoped for. Bearing in mind it had a bit of a bump in its early life in Switzerland, witnessed by some repairs under the bonnet, it has survived with so much intact as it left Triumph's gates all those years ago. Large areas of the car are still in there original paint, touched up here and there admittedly, but it is 40 years old after all, no more debate now about what shade of green the Le Man car's were! It's even fitted with an original lightweight (20 guage) chassis, allthough it has lost it's quick lift brackets at some time. Vernon had raced 4B a selected historic race meets in the States, so he had replaced the long range tank with a small sealed racing variety. He had also replaced the seat and steering wheel for more modern items, but packed in the shipping container were the original seat and tank etc, wonderful. As the most original unrestored 'works' Spitfire left, it now falls to us to continue the good work of 4B's previous keepers, what a responsibility!


  1. Congratulations on bringing such a cracking motor home to Coventry!

    Chris Gardner

  2. Congratulations on bringing back ADU 4B to the UK! The most sucessful works Spitfire is still ADU 7B.

  3. Dave, I think you should change the colour - it looks sooooo dated.
    Also, those wheels have got to go, since Mark started knocking them out they've become awfully common. The word on the street is that black wires are the new ... black.
    Then change the reg. plate to DP LM1 and it'll be proper blingin'.
    Otherwise it seems alright I suppose.