Friday, December 24, 2004

Happy Christmas!

Firstly a happy Christmas and a great New Year to you all,I hope Santa brings you what you wished for!

My Christmas present came early this year in the shape of another Spitfire! You may remember a Blog or two ago me mentioning the possibility of an 'interesting' Spitfire coming to light locally after many years in hiding. Well a week or two ago it arrived on a trailer and is now ensconced in the museum. It's none other than 'the' Richard Lloyd (team Gold Seal Racing) plastic Spitfire! Richard brought his car along personally aided by former 'works', and Gold Seal, and latterly 412 VC's mechanic Peter Clarke. What a fantastic surprise. The car itself is in need of much restoration, but with the history inbedded in this car it wil be worth the effort. For those of you who don't know Gold Seal Racing consisted of three Spitfires and drivers, Richard Lloyd, Chris Marshal, and Pete Cox. The car's were extreemly modified decendants of 412 VC (prototype Spitfire), ADU 467B (works rally car), and another. Richard still campaigns a restored 412 VC at Goodwood and other such events. The car we have aquired is pictured on the front cover of the 1970's book 'Tuning Standard Triumph's up to 1300cc' written by Richard Hudson-Evans, I got Richard (Lloyd) to autograph the front cover of my copy!

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