Monday, January 31, 2005

Going to Stoneleigh?

Er, has it really been that long since my last Blog (Happy Christmas!) oop's, naughty boy, must try harder! Anyway a belated happy new year to you all, only a month late. What's my excuse this time I hear you ask? Well it's like this see, it's not like I slope off every night after the day shift finish's, I have been working longer hours than usual this past month. So what's taking up my valuable Triumph driving time? Quite simply I am sitting here for hour after labourious hour number crunching for the new catalogue. Imagine checking every single part number on our system sometimes two or three times and then adjusting descriptions, checking supply, stock holding, etc. The initial fruits of these labours can be viewed on our new on-line catalogue, currently sitting alongside our old scanned in John Kipping catalogue for the time being. When we are completely satisfied that any bugs are ironed out we will finally pull the old JK catalogue off the site, and what a fantastic effort by John it proved to be lasting a full 10 years without major modification (is this a record in the classic car market?). Not long after we are fully live with our new offering we will be commiting to a print run of a paper version, and it will be a whopper as its already over 200 pages and growing!

Any way back to the Stoneleigh Triumph show this Sunday, are you going? You should, it proved to be one of the highlights of the show season last year, and was a cracking start to the season. Need anything bringing along, save on P&P, but order early, Friday may be to late as by then be will be packing the truck. Come along and say hello anyway, its always nice to put names to faces. As an added bonus this year we will be bringing along ADU 4B Leman Spitfire for its first UK show ever, and one of the very few times you will be able to see it in the flesh this year. See you there!

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