Monday, April 18, 2005

20 Counties

Are you ready? Only a few days now for your final preperations, and those last minute adjustments. Finally got the breakfast situation sorted last week, and those that have pre-booked can look forward to a traditional fry up at The Manor Pub in Fillongley village only a stones throw from the Canley premises.

For a map showing the pub, go to the link below -

Got to have a bit of a tidy up of the Canley car park before you all arrive as we have collected a few more project cars that are encroaching into space we will need Saturday! Could I make one request? Please be aware that we do have neighbours, so could you arrive and depart the site as quietly as possible as it is out of hours especially on your return in the morning, no reving Kevins!

That's it, see you Saturday evening, and good luck to all the teams entered.

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