Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Weather Report

It must be the start of the outdoor classic car show season, what with the showers, wind and other nasties that passes for early summer weather! Close to this time last year I remember the countdown to Leatherhead being exactly the same, we persisted and went anyway only to sit next to the gate on arrival and watch the marshals turn people away, how demoralising. Good luck if you are giving it a go this year, I hope there's a break in the weather. We aren't going by the way, I'm suffering from the longest cold Iv'e ever had that saw me confined to bed most of the bank holiday weekend, so the thought of sitting under a leaky tarp on a windy showground dosn't appeal at the moment!
Not sure about Gaydon this year either, it seems to have been watered down from the usual all Triumph show to a all makes general classic car show. How the mighty fall! Gone from one of the biggest Triumph shows in the calender to a sad addition to a all makes show, including motorbikes, lorries, etc, in under 5 years. Mind you as a trader it became obvious something had to give a few years back as numbers visting the show dwindled alarmingly from the 'glory days' of the 75th aniversary when the car park's overflowed.
We did the most shows ever last year and the only one that seems to buck the trend of dwindling numbers is the TR Register International at Malvern. Malvern showgound is massive and to see it crammed full of TR's, and it has to be said a good proportion of other Triumphs, is something to savour. What with sharing the weekend with the Triumph World picnic, and regular participation from other Triumph clubs (I noticed the 2000 Register were there in numbers), its a great place to see a wide range of Triumphs.
Now if only I could shake this cold I might get a little more enthusiastic about booking a few shows for us, but then again Iv'e just looked out of the window and been reminded about the miserable weather again.

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