Monday, August 29, 2005

Club Triumph 10CR

Hello to all you fellow entrants in this years 10CR, Club Triumphs bianual blast around Europe in three days, we must all be mad! I'm currently up to my usual tricks burning the midnight trying to throw together a car just a couple of weeks before the kick off! To late now to worry, ferry is booked, shorts are washed and ready, here we come! Well done to Club Triumph, even the pre match buzz before the kick off is exciting enough, but if you are yet to experiance driving 2,500 miles through 10 Countries in a long weekend, then prepare for an assault on the sences. Don't know what I am looking forward to the most, swanning around on the French Riveara (Nice & Monte Carlo), or those endless hairpins in the mountains, or blasting around the Nurumburg Ring, I'm feeling tired just thinking about it!

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