Monday, June 20, 2005

Late one!

It's 6.30 in the evening here at Canleys, the day shift have long gone and I'm sat here trying to think of some content for another one of our on-line newsletters. To be honest it's a bit of a relief to be sat here at the computor for a change after a hot and sweaty day stripping 4 cyl engines and later on this afternoon Type 14 Girling calipers. Didn't start the day well as the first two 1300's I stripped were thrusted, never mind only another 1,000 or so 4 cylinders in stock to go at! I suppose we should be putting thrusted blocks to one side for the future when we might have to repair them, but with a pile of blocks that resembles the north face of the Eiger to go at it shouldn't be a problem for a decade or two! Besides which if I get my way you will all be buying aluminum blocks and cylinder heads off us long before that.

Another picture of the Triumph Museum extension progress follows showing all of the internal walls completed. Total size of the extension I measure at about 800 sq ft or enough to get 6 cars in comfortably with plenty of space to walk around.There wont be any more progress reports for a couple of weeks as our builders have now gone off on their summer holidays!


  1. A 6 cylinder alloy head and/or block would be a great way of losing some weight from my Vitesse. How about doing them too!

  2. The extension looks to be coming on well Dave.
    About time there was a TR7 in there too!