Monday, December 5, 2005

Club Triumph Donnington Track day

Congratulations to Club Triumph, Fred, and all those involved in Saturdays track day at Donnington Park, fantastic! I enjoyed every minute, and 6003VC was given a right royal caning by both myself and Brumie Dave, even Karl Dandridge managed a few laps in the old girl. The format (open pit lane, in effect have as many goes as you like!) worked really well, with only the odd delay whilst the marshals removed dead TVR, XJS, Honda hothatchything, and MK1 PI's! On the whole the driving standards were pretty good, the odd spin granted, but nothing you couldn't drive around. 6003 seemed to revel in the wet, and didn't put a foot wrong all day (well not with me driving anyway!). I even managed to overtake the Porsce Carrera 2 a couple of times, OK so they were only budding racing drivers under tuition, but I was in a 40 something year old Vitesse. Perhaps Tim should have told them to stop fannying around! Anyway absolutely brilliant, can't wait for the next one, see you there?

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  1. Good to see the Vitesse having a good thrashing...

    Photos can be found here:

    See you at the next one - hopefully in my car!