Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bargains to be had!

As ever we are always struggling for space here. As I'm sure you are aware, the more storage space you are given the more stuff you seem to be able to cram into it, but eventually something has to give. That time is now, time for a very early spring clean, and we are using our ebay shop to do it. Initially we are sorting through the bulkier (because it takes up more space!) secondhand panelwork. Stuff like Dolomite doors, bootlids and bonnets, I don't know where they came from I'm sure? All good stuff, but it has to go, so we are putting no reserve's on anything, and very reasonable 'buy it now' prices. Could be your last chance to get some real bargains. Other models are being catered for as well, so it's worth taking a look whatever your Triumph. Don't wait for the next time, there might not be one! One more thing, keep looking because we shall be adding stuff to the shop as we find it over the next few days.

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