Saturday, February 11, 2006

Alloy Cylinder Heads

Some early questions regarding our alloy cylinder head revelation need answering.

"What's the weight saving?"

In simple terms an aluminium equivelant to a cast iron head (bare) is a third of the weight. This holds true for any like for like aluminium replacement anywhere in the engine bay, water pump housing, water pump, etc. A worthwhile weight lose you will agree. Allthough our head's will be outwardly similar to the original cast iron ones we are taking advantage of this opportunity to improve them in several respects, in ways that aren't possible with the original iron head. This however will not affect that simple weight saving equation.

"Any performance & economy improvements as a result?"

See above. We have looked long and hard at where things could be improved as a result of starting from scratch with new patterns. We have sought extra advice from respected Triumph head modifyers of standing. We have not undertaken this process lightly bearing in mind the costs incured that would be foolhardy. Several interesting inherent weakness's came to light in the original head as a result of sectioning and sampling original cast iron heads, hopefully now removed for good.
By far the greatest improvements will be for the 2ltr Vitesse and GT6, simply removing all of that weight from ahead of the front axle will bring huge benefits in handling if nothing else!

" What models will your heads fit?"

Allthough we see our biggest potential market amongst the TR6 boys, we intend to have heads to suit every application on the shelf as soon as feasable. The first off head will be fitted to a 2.5 engine in the next couple of weeks, full production follows after that has been extensively tested.


  1. Wow, this sounds awesome! I hope I'll be able to get one for my GT6 MkIII when they're put on sale.

    Also, are they going to be made for a standard compression ratio? It would be nice if you could produce a version that didn't need any skimming at the machine shop to get a decent compression ratio (say, 10:1), on an otherwise standard setup.

    Looking forward to this...

  2. Speaking to my fellow TR 5/6 mates,we all agreed that we must have these heads if all goes well as planned.We look forward to all the test,s completed by yourselves and can not wate for that day.As I am in the process of building a super quick TR5 engine,the head will "top it out"
    Harry Dent.TR5 owner.

  3. Any update in the progress of these heads?

  4. so this was posted in march of 2006, WHERE IS IT?
    and when do you expect it to be on the market, also approx. how much?