Sunday, February 12, 2006

Did you go to Stoneleigh?

We did and very good it was to! Still one of the best Triumph show's in the calender. The public obviously think so to as they continue to attend in reasurringly large numbers unlike some other shows which seem to be going backwards. Got to chew the cud with some old aquaintance's from the trade and compare notes about what's happening out there. I was chatting to an old face from Rimmers when an overpowering sence of dejavu came over me, it's only at times like this that you realise how long we have all been doing this. Not bad for a car manufacturer that has been out of production for over 20 years, and cars that had a life expectancy of less than 10, there must be something special about these Triumph's! The consensus amongst the major traders seems to be that as a trade we will all be attending far fewer (cherry picking) Triumph events. Most shows are percieved as being purely a PR exersise from the larger traders (apart from Stoneleigh which continues to be a money spinner). Unfortunately for the smaller club shows this PR is seen as poor value for money as against other mediums, so attendance by the hard core traders is set to continue to dwindle. One show in particular this coming year was highlighted by several traders as being likely to suffer from poor attendance by potential customers (and as a consequence traders), part of a year on year noticable decline. It's a shame but the market moves on, fashions change, and we all find other things to do with our summer weekends and our Triumphs.

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