Monday, March 20, 2006

Another Triumph Trader finishes!

Hot on the heals of the demise of Six Spares a couple of months ago comes news that Triumph traders British Sports Car Spares are also to cease trading. I spoke to Theo from BSCS at Stoneleigh and he hinted then that they were close to shutting up shop. Well it's confirmed, after dropping some Herald sills off here Saturday (watch out for future special offer on Herald/Vitesse sills!) en route to the Jaguar show at Stoneleigh, Theo told me they had effectively finished as of that weekend. Sad news another stalwart trader from the South East has closed the doors for good, bit of a trend developing? We seem to be losing traders on a regular, and accelerating basis, not good for competition (as far as you the customer is concerned), and dosn't bode well for the future spares supply for the marque? It seems that the support isn't there from customers for the smaller to mid size Triumph specialists, and that the larger concerns are the only ones benefiting? Shades of my Blog from the 31 January this year '2005 Market Survey'? I suppose my pessamistic predictions of the Triumph spares supply business being collared by one or two of the largest traders might be coming rather sooner than I envisaged?


  1. I trust that Canley will be one of the survivors!

  2. Steve

    We have one or two things in our favour that might mean we stick around longer than most!
    Firstly we have tiny fixed costs, we own the site, there aren't many of us here so small wages bill, and the utilities are manageable because of our location. I really would loose sleep at night if we had the nightmare rent/morgage/rates bills of those in the South East. Also it wouldn't take to many slow months to start to hurt with a wages bill of more than 10 workers to cope with, we don't have these problems thank goodness!
    Our progressive product range certainly helps to, we simply can't rely any more on simply selling spark plugs, Spitfire sills, and Herald outriggers, the turnover just isn't there.
    In fact things look quite rosy at the moment, we have just had a record February, and March is stacking up to be a real stormer to!

  3. Dave, I am not surprised at Theo's news. Next time we meet I'll tell you why.
    Businesses need to have good "soft" skills as well as good technical skills in their recipe of success

    Jonathan Binnington