Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Birthday boy gets injected!

Firstly a belated happy 40th birthday to the Chinnmeister, or as we call him here the Reading Bugle (AKA Jason Chinn, TSSC, CT, and bar). Fourty eh Jase, time to start slowing down then mate, put your feet up, that sort of thing. So why then am I booked to PI your Vitesse next Monday!? Jason has decided to PI his Vitesse (a long term ambition I am told) and to this end he has dropped off boxes of redundant Lucas PI gear for me to 'sort out' when I 'have a minute'! It looks like typical ebay pickings, garden shed finds, right down to some stuff found on a beach at high tide! It's been fun sifting through it all trying to put some sort of workable kit together. Stripping the metering units found a likely candidate in the form of a blue spring MK1/early MK11 PI, a good specification unit to start with. The other units were a mixture of later 3 spring (square section), and green top late units. After swapping some diaphrams around, and lubeing some of the links, all is well with the blue springer. The rest of it I shall do as we install it to the Reading dragster. If I get time this week though it might be nice to overall a couple of pumps an re O ring a set of injectors. Apparently I am being paid with a healthy ration of curry and lager, that won't put shoes on the kids feet! This should take me back to the good old days in the 80/90's when i was doing a steady stream of PI conversions to anything that crossed my path. I used to collect redundant PI gear myself for just such conversions, and took a trip down memory lane when I checked some of the stillages where it is stored now.
There's no problem with space in the workshop either for Jason's Vitesse as we have had a bit of a purge and finished off several customers cars recently that have now been collected. We have done more MOT's in the past month than we did over the preceeding 2 years, and we are going great guns fitting those special offer clutch's we are currently shifting. All in all busy times, and its great to be back into the swing of things in the workshop. We even have a record number of the Canley fleet on the road at the moment with 5 Triumphs in use, soon to be followed by two more, seven Triumph's on the road, I'm living the dream!

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