Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Le Mans Spifire owners club meeting tonight!

Not quite but it is the monthly Club Triumph meeting (any Triumph owner welcome) at the Weavers Inn at Fillongley from 7.30 onwards. We are hoping to be joined by the the other Le Mans Spitfire owner Herve Lequipe tonight who's over buying some alloy panels for ADU 3B from us. Along with John Baptiste Herve has been restoring 3B for some years, come along and ask to see progress on his lap-top. Also trying to persaude Canley's newest employee to come along. You may remember Jason if you are a Kipping customer of old, he was John's 'star' mechanic, the only Kipping employee to untake a full apprentership if I remember correctly? Jason has returned to the fold after a long break from classic cars in the dealership network (Audi). His credentials are most impressive, MOT testers licence, a spell with Jeremy Clarkson on location servicing his E type whisl't he did that pan european series on TV. He also sports the largest tool box ever to grace Canleys, it's larger than some of our competitors workshops! Also trying to get TR6 owner Adam along, ask him about his recent exploits with car trailer and new Jaguar saloon in tow!
If the weather stays like this you'll probably find us in the garden out back, bring some sun tan lotion!

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