Tuesday, August 8, 2006


As trade settles down to manageble level after a cracking start to the season (runs through February to November), it's time to look forward to getting back to some long term projects in the workshop. If Jason grants me enough space amongst the customers cars in there, then it's only down to deciding which to pick from amongst the queue of likely candidates. First off we have to pull the engine out of our RBBR entry Stag last used and driven over 10 years ago, dosn't time fly! Needing only a bore and a set of pistons when it came off the road it's sure to need a bit more doing now. It will be interesting to see how our cars are standing up to long term storage in the museum, the Stag was a beauty when it went in there?
Next my Chicane needs less than a couple of days spent on it replacing some of the trim left off after it's last respray, and other odd's an sod's. I'm missing the Chicane, it's been over a year since I last drove it, and after nearly 300,000 miles it was/is the most reliable Triumph Iv'e ever owned, touch's a very large piece of wood!
I keep looking at the Macau and thinking it's about time that got sorted. After spending the last 4 or 5 years scouring the World successfully for all it's original 70X engine components from 1965, it's about time I put it all together again.
I would love to do the Gold Seal plastic Spitfire, I have tracked down enough spare 70X engine bits to build a motor for that as well. Only trouble is this Spitfire's restoration is a bit more complicated than an engine rebuild. Famous for running at the Maggelo (spelling?) circuit in the late 60's this is an exciting car as the other Gold Seal car was smashed to pieces during the same race.
One other Spitfire that's restoration has been on-going over the early part of this year (all be it slowly) is the Le Mans car we have aquired as a pile of bits from one of the ex-factory race guys. Difficult to hang an identity on it now due to the way the last few cars were used/crashed/disposed of, research is on-going. This car need's many years of careful work having been crashed very heavily in it's early career, and having spent the remaining 40 odd years in a disassembled state in various less than sympathetic storage.
The other monster restoration on the horizon is our World Cup rally 2.5PI, I'd love to do that, but there isn't enough hours in the day, week, month, year!

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