Monday, September 18, 2006

Wot no pistons?

Well that's it I can't bolt anything back to the Stag motor until some pistons turn up. I had to drop back on to a TR5 spec customer engine I'm building in the meantime, same story with that now though as I'm now waiting for pistons for that as well (different supplier). If the pistons aren't here in the morning I could crack on with a couple of customer 1500's if I had more bench space, but a Stag V8, and a 2.5 lump take up most of my available space.
We have had the pleasure (oh missus!) of a very nice young man/customer turned apprentice, helping here whilst on holiday from college. I showed him how to strip calipers this morning and left him to it. He did a excellent job for a young un, restores your faith in the next generation.

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