Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Near death experience caused by wedgie!

I wonder what that would have looked like on the insurance/coroners report? There I was on this bright and beautiful sunny morning minding my own business on the way in to work in the Herald when it all went Pete Tongue. As I hammered past Seeswood Pool (local 'beauty' spot) at a respectable 70 odd mph, with not another vehicle in sight, I felt the need to adjust my undercarriage (sorry about this but it is a crucial bit of the story). As I raised myself up the seat putting pressure on the backrest the front seat fixings decided to pull through the floor. I ended up in a reclining position with my head resting on the back seat. How I maintained any sort of control I will never know. When I got back up I was on the wrong side of the road still doing 70. I managed to wobble the rest of the way to work only nearly coming a cropper again as I pulled away sharpish from Fillongley crossroads in an attempt to beat the local milk float accross the junction. In all this excitement I plain forgot about my trolley misalignment, priorities I suppose.

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  1. So does your trusty 13/60 have a very crusty bottom? Should we perhaps fit plates to reinforce the seat mountings on our cars?