Monday, October 23, 2006

I never thought it would happen?

Finally managed to palm the 13/60 Estate off on to an unsuspecting mug punter, sorry my mate Richard! Our (Estate and I) relationship has been a little up and down over this past two years, we have had good times and bad, see link here

It's proven to be an extremely practical and useful little car, and will need to be replaced with something similar sharpish. It's time to put more effort now into reserecting one of the Kipping Couriers, or two, economies of scale and all that.
Richard's just started a commercial paint shop up in Coventry with his mate, and will be using the Estate for much the same purpose as we did, local fetching and carrying in and around Coventry.
I shall miss my early morning blasts into work in the Estate through the empty Warwickshire roads. What am I saying? No I won't! I'm currently using the wife's Stag, it's lovely!

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