Thursday, November 9, 2006

I have piles!

I was thinking it was time to do something about my piles. As much as I keep picking at them they never seem to get any smaller? I asked Jason to help yesterday but initially he turned his nose up. He eventually succumbed, slipped on his latex gloves and got stuck in! Having had the luxury of a pile of roughly 800 odd engines has major benefits, but also a downside. When I have been picking at the front of it for the last 5 years for the useful stuff to recondition, it has left the not so useful stuff right at the front and in the way. We must have more FWD 1300/1500 core than there are cars left on the road, and big crank, narrow block 1300 stuff (MKIV Spit/13/60 Herald) who is ever going to want that in any numbers again? Anyway time has come to peel back that first layer of the pile, chuck out the dross, and reveal some useful stuff again. Looks like a visit to the scrapyard coming up, what with the price of scrap as it is at the moment it might be very worthwhile!