Saturday, February 10, 2007

Are you going to brave the weather?

Driving your Triumph up to Stoneleigh (why do we say that? Northeners will be coming down!) or wimping out and coming in the 'other' car? I wonder why it is that there is always a buzz around in the Triumph community at or around Stoneleigh time, and the numbers attending seem to go up every year when other shows seem to be on the downturn? Maybe it's something to do with choice? This time of year there's not a lot on, and there hasn't been a lot on for a few months! Come summer time there's so much choice these days, it seems every summer weekend is booked up before you know it. As a season opener Stoneleigh can't be beat, with the onset of cabin fever every one feels the need to get out regardless of the weather. Most people will be going for the early season bargains, or to buy those last few bits and bobs required to finish off that winter rebuild. The one marque clubs will also be there putting on a valiant effort to attract your potential membership. Club Triumph will be there in numbers punting the 'club that does' ethos, and pushing home the point with the HCR (Historic Counties Run), and later in the year the 10CR (10 Countries Run), and a whole host of track days in between. The TSSC are making a bit of a splash this year with their recently acquired Herald 4 door prototype, reputedly acquired for £10,000. That should be worth a look, the grand unveiling is due to take place at 11am on their stand. I will try and find time to get about myself this time and see what the other clubs are doing. I maintain an interest in most if not all Triumph models as our collection proves, but year by year my club memberships decrease, I shall wonder around and see who might tempt me back. There is one other very important thing I have promised not to do this year though (Jason!) and that's not to spill the contents of my early morning egg and bacon roll down my front. This has become a tradition I really dont want to keep up!

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  1. Dave - you ALWAYS do it, I shall personally furnish you with a nice runny egg and bacon roll . I have a new camera to capture the scene with too - it's gonna happen :-)