Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Did you see it?

Last night Life On Mars? Clares 2600 MKIII appeared in both episode one and two (back to back on BBC4). Nice shots of a GT6 MKIII being thrashed around as well.
Thanks for the comment Ken but the Minilites on the wifes car are exactly the same size as the 1970 World Cup PI's had. In other words exactly in keeping with something set 3 years later in 1973!


  1. Yes, spotted it immediately but thought they should've changed the wheels... far too large for the seventies. ;)

  2. what and mis CSI Miami, no way lom can kiss my arse.

  3. Come on stop messing about we all know you don't have TV's in Arley. Were you out robbing again to supplement the income and noticed it on in someone elses lounge in the posh end of town?

  4. Yeh ok you got me, but when we open our retail/mail order parts shop in the summer we will be able to buy a tv of our own .Come visit us sometime..