Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Old school vs New blood?

I have a thing for old machinery, I guess we all do otherwise we wouldn't be messing with Triumph's. In this particular case it's engineering machine tools I'm waffling about. This time of year I have a little bit of time available to get out and chase stuff, and sort problems with suppliers. Recently I seem to be spending a fair amount of time in machine shops shouting over the incessant background noise that accompanies any busy engineering shop. As you might guess from our particular product specialities we call upon several of Coventy's/Nuneaton's finest engineering establishments. Fortunately the city is still awash with such places despite successive governments/councils attempts to knock them down and turn them into retail parks.
The diversity in what you will find when you open the door to a particular shop beggars belief. From ultra modern clinically clean places with machinery that has cost the proprietor many hundreds of thousands of pounds, to 'old school' places that posses 50 + year old machinery from the great names in Midlands machine tool manufacturers of yesteryear. I was in one such place this week marvelling at the proprietors latest acquisitions, some lovely old stuff he was as proud as punch of.
One thing that is always common amongst this community is how enthusiastic these people always seem to be, and how proud they are of a job well done, long may it continue.

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