Thursday, January 24, 2008

PI is loosening up nicely!

The wife's newly converted PI is loosening up nicely after it's recent monster mechanical rebuild, it's a proper flying machine! I used a TR5 engine I had built many years ago for a stalled TR5 restoration that probably wont happen now until I retire. Save having the thing sitting around any longer and possibly deteriorating I slung it in Clares motor along with a new gearbox, up-rated J type overdrive, radiator, propshaft, and that conversion to PI. The PI conversion parts I just rebuilt from old units we had lying around. I had been selling the odd s/h set of PI over the years to those who asked, but it looks like it's time to put a stop to that. A quick count up of the fleet and I should probably be putting 6 of those sets aside for our own cars for the future. I am constantly surprised how good a well built TR5 engine (on PI) can be, Clares car now makes my Chicane feel positively pedestrian (if I had the time that would get PI'd as well!). One thing on the snag list though is a miss-fire that develops after about 15 miles, my immediate thoughts were coil, condensor, or rotor arm (yes I'm paranoid about rotor arms as well, even though Iv'e never had one let me down!). I'll drag the Sun tuner out when I get 5 mins and nail the sucker.

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