Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time to go.

It's been a love hate relationship with my Yokohama A520's over the years. At best they grip like s**t to a blanket, and have lasted really well. At worst they are noisy, and have been the most prone to tracking on white lines etc of any tyre I have ever had. I thought my old 205/60/15 Pirelli P6's I fitted to a succession of TR's, Stags, and 2.5PI's in the 80's were bad, but I have had some equally scary moments with the Yoko's. The Yoko's came about as a result of a special offer by a tyre purveyor in the trade who made me a superb offer I couldn't refuse, so good I bought 3 sets of 195/50/15 A520's from them. They have seen their life out mostly on our old MKI PI (now moved on), the Chicane (the ones in the picture), and the V8 saloon. The ones on the V8 are approaching slick status, and the Chicane ones aren't much better.
To be honest I can't wait to change them as we have found a much better tyre that really suits the big Triumphs, one of Continentals newest offerings. The wife has gone through two sets in her PI, and they are absolutely superb on all counts from start to finish.
If I didn't like my 6J X 15 KN Gemini's (also pictured above), a proper alloy wheel from the 1960's so much, I would also have long since gone up a diameter or two on the wheel size. 15" is the bair minimum diameter I will have on my saloon's/Stag's etc these day's. If I do chance to drive someone elses car on 14" (or god forbid 13"!) wheels, and tyres it scares the hell out of me!
I wonder if it would be possible to get KN to do me a few sets of new build 7J X 17" Gemini's?

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