Thursday, February 28, 2008

The largest gathering of works Triumphs in one place ever?

I'm not sure even the Triumph competition department had this many cars in one place at one time? I have certainly never seen this many at any show (including the Abingdon celebration at Silverstone a few years back), race track, museum, or any other venue come to that. It's certainly making our insurers a bit jumpy. Chances are it's never going to happen again either, I certainly wouldn't like to try and organise it. Some of the cars here may never be seen in public again for all I know. In the next week or so the bulk of the cars will disperse ready for the new season (some of them still get used in anger) and my worries will be over (nice worries all the same). Mean while if the last car in the jigsaw turns up as promised in the next few days there will be ten works built competition Triumphs on the premises, eleven if you count our Vitesse 6003VC (OK I know it's the John Wooley version), or twelve if you count a car built by 'works' mechanics, from 'works' parts (in Coventry, but not at the 'works'). I'm sure some anorak may come along and point out that there were thirteen competition Triumph's at such, and such an event in the 60's, but I doubt it.

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