Monday, June 9, 2008

Roy Fidler / Bill Bradley re-united!

It's been more than 40 years since these two gentlemen last shared a drive in a works Triumph well I did my little bit towards getting them together again at last weekends superb Chatsworth Rally Show. Having collared Roy in the VIP enclosure I managed to introduce him to Bill, and point him in the direction of the Secretariat's tent where he was suitably kitted out in some borrowed racing overalls, and a helmet. Only a matter of minutes later Roy, and Bill were sitting in the queue waiting to go out on to the closed stage. Roy told me later it's the first time he has driven FHP (his 1966 RAC Championship winning car) since his factory days. Sitting in the same queue directly behind Roy, and Bill was yours truelly in Bill's Spitfire ADU 5B. We managed two stages on the Saturday before it was given over to some serious modern machinery.
Roy was only about on the Saturday so Bill drove FHP on Sunday. I managed to embarrass myself by launching 5B on the yump after the water splash, and as a result a little visit to the scenery ensued. As I was only a few feet away from the finish line and away from the main crowd line I thought I had got away with it. It was only after I had driven back to the team parking areas did the wife inform me that it had been broadcast on the massive screen set up in front of the crowd! Apparently Graham Robson also commentated that it should make the final cut for the Sky 1 programme being filmed over the weekend. Is this an end to my fledgling rallying career?

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