Friday, July 11, 2008

4WD Dolomite anyone?

We are having a bit of a clear out here at Canleys to make space for faster moving product. One product that has not been particularly fast moving has been our pile of new Pony 4WD gearbox's complete with transfer housing's. As you are probably aware it is perfectly feasible to use on of these to make a 4WD Dolomite, indeed we have sold several over the years to customers with that intention. We built a lash-up rolling test bed ourselves some years ago but the donor car was to rusty to put on the road so it got squashed. Having kept a couple for our museum, and offered to donate to other museums there are still a few left over. If you want one for whatever reason then please contact us within the next 24 hours because after that they are being weighed in. All we are asking is approx scrap value, say £40 (they are heavy!). Please copy this over to any other appropriate web groups who may find this of use.

I wrote this yesterday so it's no longer 24 hours I'm affraid before they go to China! Should be all gone later this afternoon. Give us a ring sharpish if you want one, it's probably to late to e-mail.

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