Monday, September 22, 2008

Big Brake Kit Correction / Atlas panel work

First off apologies over the picture used for the Atlas big brake kit in my last Blog. The more observant amongst you have noticed that the front suspension looked nothing like that of an Atlas. The hub was more Caterham than Triumph 2000 (modified to fit the Atlas). The disc was of larger diameter, and vented. The caliper looked nothing like an iron Girling type 16, in fact it looked more like an alloy 4 piston type! The picture was in fact taken when we converted Joe's Spitfire 1500 a couple of months ago to test out a new kit on the RBRR. That'll teach me to make ambiguos picture descriptions and not open them up for a look see before up-loading them to blog.
Anyway back to today's picture (carefully checked!), it shows the Atlas resplendent with it's now filled in holes as collected from Wes the master tinny. Actually the picture was taken yesterday outside Dave's paint shop a good 20 miles away from Wes's place. That meant a good blast down the A5 to get over to Dave's place with the wife riding shot gun in the Chicane. As yet I haven't had time to fix the speedo so I was blissfully unaware of our speed. Imagine my surprise when Clare informed me that we had maintained 55 mph for a good 5 miles on the A5, that's 3mph faster than an Atlas's top speed when they were new. Looks like that diff ratio change has paid dividends. Dave reckons he will have the van back to me by the end of the week in its fresh coat of powder blue paint (original colour). I have known people loose cars for months if not years in paint shops and we are now less than 2 weeks before the start of the RBRR, I must be mad!

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  1. Dear Mr Pearson

    Thank you for confirming what so many of us have believed for so long... that you are indeed quite, quite mad.

    Yours unenviably