Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big brake kit

Probably wouldn't make a lot of money out of retailing a big brake kit for the Atlas seeing as there are only about half a dozen still on the road!

Converting our Atlas to front discs turned out to be one of those jobs I wish I hadn't started. Initially I decided to do it based on all the horror stories I had heard from Atlas drivers of old about the drum brakes on the front. Then having looked at the state of the original stuff on our van and realising it needed everything replacing I thought about swapping to discs instead. So what bits to use? Atlas have 2000/2.5 wheel stud spacing so using Herald/Spitfire/Vitesse/GT6 hubs was out of the question. Using 2000 hubs meant a lot of lathe work in order to fit Vitesse discs, and Type 16 Girling calipers. Unfortunately having bolted it all together and feeling very pleased with myself I was a little dis-chuffed to find that the road wheels were fowling the calipers. The Atlas wheels look like early MKI 2000 jobbies, so into the stores for a late MKII 2000 rim and bobs yer uncle problem solved.

The back brakes are pure Vitesse/GT6 so no problem's there. After a precautionary master cylinder rebuild and road test it was nearly time for the MOT.

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