Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I hate electronic ignition!

MKIII V8 shares car park with famous Spitfire.

We taxed the V8 for 6 months (the only car we own that we have to pay the rent on!) during the 'summer' and used it on and off up until the end of November. Nothing much to report on this year regarding work on the car as it went straight through the MOT after a rear wheel cylinder change, and was subsequently 100% reliable (or 110% as they say on X factor).
That was up until the week before I was due to bring it back into work and put it to bed for the winter. Pulling off the drive at home it suddenly died, and refused to start. I've isolated it to the ignition module in the distributor which I had problems with a couple of years ago. My experience with electronic ignitions of all types is not a happy one, they have proven to be one of the most unreliable areas of my Triumph driving history over the years. The V8 is the last car we own that still relies on the devils work to get a spark to the cylinders. I might investigate swapping the distributor for an earlier points & condenser P6 unit in an effort to improve reliability in the future. Meanwhile it sits in the garage at home in disgrace waiting for me to fix it which might take a while as I don't work on cars at home, ever!

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