Friday, February 12, 2010

World Cup Rally 40 celebrations, Car Number 1 progress.

Car Number 1 at or near the start of the World Cup Rally 1970
Picture courtesy Ted Taylor

Jacking point detail, and corrosion evident on aluminium doorskin.

Front wing vent, and spotlight mounting detail.

It's been a while since any major work was carried out to our World Cup PI. I spent a couple of weeks just prior to the Christmas holidays before last on major surgery to the bodywork. Those of you who have seen the car know what's involved in putting the roof right!
All the recent hoo ha surrounding the anniversary of the rally has inspired me to pull the dust sheet off and think about starting again. Not that I need inspiration, owning a genuine World Cup PI was always one of my greatest ambitions. However one still has to make a living and private projects play second fiddle to paying the bills!
I'll try and keep you up to date of progress when, and if, I start swinging the welding torch again!

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