Thursday, May 20, 2010

MOT time

I reached a bit of a hiatus last year with roadworthy (taxed & MOT'd) vehicles in the fleet, I think it reached the remarkable total of ten. As the year progressed they started to drop off the list as MOT's lapsed, and the horrible winter made me disinclined to do anything about it. It got to the point recently where the only two legal cars left were the Atlas, and one of the 948 Heralds. The poor old Atlas soldiered on through the winter as my only form of transport, and Clare used the 948 when she wasn't using the daughters Focus.

First car back in the system was our Stag which was needed for a Top Gear film shoot in Blackpool a month or so ago. That continues to be used by Clare off and on.

Stag in old TVR factory on Top Gear film shoot.

As a back up to the Atlas I have decided to get this back on the road;

It will be good to get some miles under it's belt prior to the RBRR in October as I have never really used it since we restored it a few years ago

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