Saturday, June 11, 2005

Busy workshop!

What's happening in the workshop this past couple of weeks? Number one priority has been Andy Roberts, Del Lines (Atlantic Garages) Stag V8 saloon, a long term resident here at Canley Classics. We are making every effort to change that situation! A complete rebuild after many years of inactivity should see this V8 purring again in very short order. We are currently refitting the suspension with help from a certain Mr Witor and some of his goodies, it will be nice to get 'Janey' (Andys nickname for the car) rolling on her own wheels again.
I have been naughty and shoehorned another of my own cars into the schedule, but it deserves it, after all it is the hardest working Triumph in the fleet. I'm talking of course about our Chicane, the miracle Triumph that never goes rusty or wears out, but needs a complete paint job every 4/5 years of 100,000 miles (whichever comes first!). It's now past 300,000 miles and still going strong, no real problems to report, ever! Have you ever pondered just how many miles a standard engine will last on the cheapest nastiest unleaded petrol, then look no further. The only signs of extreem mileage and abuse is the odd wiff of smoke from the exhaust when you really cane the thing, but the crank dosn't knock on start up, it returns fabulous petrol consumption figures, and I would quite happily jump in it and drive to Moscow and back and know that it wouldn't let me down.
Other workshop space is being taken up by Karl, who is busy preparing his race GT6 for the TR Register race at Mallory next weekend.
Oh and we have a nice local TR5 in for work to eliminate various drivetrain knocks.

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