Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bloody Heralds!

Had to pop out this morning to do some delivering up to our friends TD Fitchetts. My preferred mode of transport our Chicane is currently being put back together after its recent re-paint. Still I might have struggled with getting today's delivery in the Chicane even with its back seats removed as it consisted of some large panelwork including Herald/Vitesse rear wings! A quick look around the car park revealed the ideal candidate, a Herald 13/60 Estate we currently have for sale, should get everything in the back of one of those!

Herald 13/60 Estate - Currently For Sale

Herald 13/60 Estate - Currently For Sale

The misses has used it locally off and on, no problems at all, starts on the button, nice to drive. Anyway we load up and set off up the M6/M54, lovely, apart from the shock of motorway speeds and no overdrive, it's been a while since I ventured out in a Herald with no overdrive! Drop off the delivery at Fitchetts and start back for Coventry via my favourite roadside batch bar just on the outskirts of Telford, don't tell the wife! Jump back onto the M54 and then it starts! Ignition warning light comes on and temperature starts to rise, oh bugger. Pull up on the hard shouder expecting to see no trace of a fan belt, but no its still there, just no trace of any adjusting arm bolt! Of course theres no tools in the car and nothing to hand to sort it. A quick ferckle in the grass and I find a suitable rock to jam between the alternator and block and away we go again all smug like at my Heath Robinson repair, or at least I was for two miles or so! Same thing again, rock had fell out, slack fan belt, find another rock, and the same thing happened over and over again, I must admit to feeling a little vunerable on the hard shoulder of the M6 every time I stopped (must have been 4 or 5 times). Anyway got back OK, fixed the alternator adjuster, one less problem for any future owner to come across!

Its 7.45 in the evening and I have just wondered out to the workshop to take this picture of Karl putting the finishing touches to his race car for next weekends Mallory race, we don't call him last minute Dandridge for nothing!
Sorry for the dark pictute, but the 'works' digital is on its last legs and the flash has just packed up. Hang on what's that revving up in the background, the beast stirs, he must be about finished, good that means I can have the workshop back!

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