Tuesday, November 8, 2005

70X Le Mans forged pistons aplenty!

As will probably already know we have been gathering parts to restore the Macau Spitfire back to 1965 70X running gear specification. We have had one or two lucky breaks including returning it's original aluminum 8 port head to the UK with the help of the guy who took it off in the first place, the great Kas Kastner. Other engine parts came back with the head including the Weber inlet manifolds (the original 45 DCOE Webers still being fitted to the 6cyl Kastner engine up to recently still fitted in the Macau [with the addition of a third carb obviously!]). Up until this week the only parts we were going to struggle with were the unique forged Alcan 70X 1200 pistons, well not any more! Since returning back home from our jaunt around the Caribbean I have found time to start chasing down leads on all sorts of bits and pieces we are going to need for several of our cars in the restoration que (including one or two whole cars maybe?). One of these leads bore fruit, and vitually on our doorstep, several sets of original Alcan 70X pistons! It's amazing what's still floating around Coventry if you know where to look.
Only early last year we collected what we thought was the last of the Cox/Clarke, Gold Seal Spitfire racing parts cache when our good freind Peter Clarke finally retired and cleared out one of his lock ups in Coventry before moving to deepest Wales. How wrong I was! Imagine the excitement when I got the call in August last year from Peter up in the area again clearing out yet another lock up of mostly TR stuff prior to heading off to the Malvern TR International. It went like this, 'Boy (Peter calls everyone boy?) get yourself and a van down to Allesley village (a stones throw from the former Canley Triumph plant) in 15 minutes, I might have something here to interest you!' Well he most deffinately did have something to interest me, and a few quid lighter, we struggled back to Canley Classics not quite believing our good fortune. A little more research is required on exactly what we have before we go public, but lets just say it requires careful analaysis of the fates of the various 'works' Spitfire racers!

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