Thursday, November 3, 2005

World Cup Rally / Roy Fidler / Paper pants!

I had a long and interesting (and very amusing!) telephone converstation with Roy Fidler (ex works Triumph rally driver) the other day on the subject of the 1970 World Cup Rally (London to Mexico). The reason for my call had initially been to further investigate one of the lesser known Triumph's involved in that rally, entry number 1, a works built but privately entered 2.5PI, which Roy had been one of the crew members in. Roy was a fountain of knowlege and a great help. Just the day before he had been staring at a picture in his office of this very car before the start of the rally at Wembley and wondering about its fate, spooky or what? I was able to put his mind to rest about the current location of his World Cup drive as its been safely ensconsed in our workshop under a cover for the past 12 months or so.
The conversation eventually got around to underpants (as it does), or more correctly the provision of underwear for the worlds longest and most ardous rally. Worrying about the provision of washing facilities, and/or the weight penalty of carrying sufficient undergarments for the three crew for the duration of the rally, the cars owner/sponsor provided disposable paper pants for the crew! Oh dear, sounds a bit sore to me, its probably a good thing that they only got as far as the South of France!

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