Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Charm offensive!

Did you watch that retro BBC police drama set in 1973 'Life on Mars' earlier in the year? I was hooked mostly for the old mota's being hooned around, but the storylines wern't to bad, and the photography/feel of the thing took me right back to that flares and tank top time. Craig our web guy kept on at me when it was showing about mentioning it in these blogs, I never got around to it then. Seems it was quite popular with an average of 6 million viewers per episode. Had a guy in the shop on Saturday who is responsible for getting the cars that are used in that (and other TV/Film stuff), so we had a good old natter about things old mota. He was telling me that the prices for MK111 Cortina's had shot up since that first series aired. I'm not surprised, the 'star' Cortina in LOM certainly looked the part being ragged around Manchester. Anyway seems Robert is a bit of a closet Triumph fan, and its mostly down to him that we saw a Vitesse convertible at the start of the first episode, a 2000 later in the series, and a 1500 saloon (Toledo?) as well. I was bemoaning the general lack of Triumph's on the gogglebox, so we have hatched a plan between us to do something about it! Robert explained the usual problems with securing suitable 4 wheeled 'actors' are lack of notice, dealing with the chain of command in owners club's (and the time penalties that brings about), unrealistic demands/fees asked of owners, and finding the right colour (seems they just can't use certain colours?). After a nanoseconds thought I suggested that we might be able to help! We have 30 + Triumph's here a good proportion of which could be made roadworthy given 48 hours notice, we have one or two of most models, and a decent spread of colours. Better than that we are not confined by 9 to 5 jobs and the need to book time off so we could be 'on set' with minimum fuss given the word. I think the thing that swung it though was our offer of our time/Triumphs for free, we are not fussed about the financial side of it, we just want to see more Triumph's on the screen, and raise the general public awareness of this otherwise dieing marque.
Didn't think anymore of it until the phone rang yesterday afternoon, it was Robert enquiring if we could be in Manchester tommrow (Thursday) morning with that blue 2.5 saloon he saw on our car park! They are about to start filming the new series of LOM and need a couple of extra cars, could we help? No problem Clare said she will take it up as its a good excuse for a shopping trip, the eldest showed interest when shopping was mentioned so she's going as well. That leaves me to get the car ready this morning, only a couple of things to do like changing the present number plates for ones that don't have www.canleyclassics.com along the bottom for some more historically acurate examples! Oh and I might have to chuck a travel rug over those huge speakers and inertia reels on the rear parcel shelf!


  1. Just dont get it smashed up like that rover P6


  2. Great stuff!

    This show hasn't been aired in Australia yet to my knowledge.I'll keep my eyes open for it... assuming they don't censor any fast moving cars for fear it might encourage dangerous driving.

  3. If they promised any money, be sure to get it in writing. I was ripped off by 'Action Vehicles' of Shepperton who promised me payment for use of my Herald in a Bradford & Bingley TV Ad, but received nothing. (they supplied the cars for 'The Bill', which is, I suppose, Ironic.

  4. If they promised you any money, get it in writing.
    I once let 'Action Vehicles' of Shepperton use my Herald on the promise of payment, but never saw a penny. Ironically, they supplied the vehicles for 'The Bill'.
    My Herald was used on a TV Advert for Bradford & Bingley Building Society with the catchline "I never expected that!", but alas, living in London, I never saw it!

  5. Like I said it's not a money thing, just want to get Triumph's in front of 6 million potential new Triumph enthusiasts every week. There's far to much preaching to the converted with the Triumph World (no not that lightweight magazine, but the larger Triumph scene). That's why it's dieing off, we need to get out into the real world and promote our cars. Owners club magazines, marque mags, there just for those that already know, they do nothing to get new blood in. Not to fussed if they get damaged, we can fix it, whatever. I/we are keen to do this, both from a trader point of view, but more importantly as enthusiasts we want to see our motors on the box!