Saturday, April 29, 2006

HCR latest!

6.40 AM and I'm still here on my own at Canley Classics! I'm sure we had one or two entrants back here by this time on last years HCR (or 20 Counties Challenge as it was then?).
Everyone got away OK last night, OK so there were a few last minute fixes, like a starter motor change in the workshop on a nice Spitfire. Then there was the PI strip and check in the car park. Oh and I nearly forgot the knackered quill shaft extension on another saloon requiring that particular team to be split up and share with other crews.
Thanks to Fred Nicklin (former Triumph Test Driver) who came along to wish the crews the best. Fred spent a couple of hours with us moving amongst the various crews/cars chatting as he went. Fred is no stranger to Club Triumph events as he did the inaugural 1966 Round Britain Reliability Run as a 'works' driver, in a 'works' car (press car I think?). Fred went on to do several other RBRR's with the 'works'. Tim Bancroft the present organiser of the RBRR chatted to Fred about those formative runs.
In typical CT endurance event last minute crew formation style a customer of ours who had come along to collect his Vitesse convertable quickly formed a crew with some 'spare' bods and entered, great stuff!
I wonder how long before someone turns up? That reminds me best fire up Betty the tea urn.

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