Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life after Mars!

Well that's it, all done and dusted, I think? Clare spent a further two days up in Manchester this week with the 2.5 on location with the Life on Mars production people. Filming went on well into the night on Monday (finished about 1 AM!) necessitating a night in the local Travel Lodge so that she could be back on location bright and early on Tuesday. Apparently the 2.5 was required most of Tuesday for filming, again requiring a 'late one', Clare not starting off back down South till gone 10 PM bless her. A minor scare occurred whilst she was driving home with a fairly major missfire spoiling the trip home. AA card at the ready she pressed on with the missfire getting worse by the mile. Finally at just after midnight she limped back onto the drive, totally shattered! To late to do anything about it then I decided to swap motors in the morning and limp the 6 miles or so to work in the dark and empty roads. From that short trip I had deduced that the fault was ignition related and probably something to do with the distributor baseplate/vacuum operation. A quick check later in the daylight confirmed a detached condensor/LT wire from the contact set changed the week before, no names no pack drill! Coincidently exactly the same thing happened to me a day or two before in a customers GT6 on the way to an MOT.
Anyway back to life, back to reality, whats going on in and around Canleys I hear you ask?
Finally getting around to finishing that Museum extension we started last year. You know what it's like, builder go's off to do a quick extension for someone else, don't see builder for a couple of months, builder comes back in the middle of the winter when funds are tight so nothing gets done. Anyway it's all back on, all the roofing materials turned up here yesterday, builder is due to make a start in a week or so, exciting stuff!
Also with a healthy amount of excess funds floating around we have decided to commission a nice set of fancy wrought iron gates for the car park/driveway entrance. They should be here and fitted towards the end of next week, should give a much more handsome vista to our frontage.
After being effectively closed for the past two or three years the workshop is back in operation, we might even put a telephone back in! Don't all rush to try and book your car in though as I have already filled the place with customers cars! Have now done 4 MOT's in the past few days so am well aquainted with the new computer generated MOT system and it's teething problems! Sid and Tony my old mates at D & R's (our preffered MOT station for the past 15 odd years) have been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century, and they don't like it one little bit!
Going to spend a fair bit of money in the workshop over the next couple of months, so need to clear a few cutomers cars to give us room for improvements. Always fancied a rolling road, that day can't be to far off!


  1. Dave I think if you had a rolling road and were doing PI cars there would be a steady stream of punters beating a path to your door, including me :-)

  2. Yes a rolling road at a place where somebody understands the cars and there is a good chance of getting things fitted and fixed at the same does sounds like an excellent idea.

  3. Just a note to say that I had the same problem with the wires coming off the new points a while ago. After the second time it happened I soldered them on as well as crimping them. No problem since.

  4. I had a problem with the wiring not holding tight to the coil. I think the new lucas connector I had soldered on was slightly oversize or the tab on the coil had worn down in size over the years. Sorted it by nipping the connector with pliers to make it smaller.

  5. This happened on two totally differant cars/dizzy's though? Lucas 45D on the 2.5, and the pile of pants Delco type on the GT6. Two totally differant methods of LT wire to the points/condensor conection?