Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rally cars.

Got to swap motors with Andy Martin last night on the way down to the Manor pub in Fillongley. Not really a fair swap, I drove his Monte Vitesse 6002 VC, and he drove my 'living on the edge' 13/60 estate. He said he liked it! Over a glass of 'pop' we discussed one of Andy's other passion's his World Cup Rally test car, and Scottish Rally winning 2.5 PI WRX 902H. Andy had just aquired the last of the considerable history file for WRX from previous owner Tom Seal. As we sat digesting this treasure trove one picture stuck out as being a little differant. It showed the 2.5PI's lined up under assembly in the Abingdon workshops. One car in particular stuck out as having a completely differant fuel tank spec to the others, then the penny dropped, it's our car, car No1 the privately entered but factory built car. At last a picture confirming that it the majority of the build was done by Abingdon themselves, and a very important picture that will help considerably towards the car's restoration.

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